Runnymede Robotics provides a positive and safe environment for students, leaders and mentors to work as a team to learn and participate in a complex business and engineering challenge that gives Team 1310 members a sense of belonging, friendship and accomplishment.

Crescendo marks Team 1310's 20th Anniversary!

Watch us compete!

All FRC events are streamed live on Twitch.

Upcoming events can be seen here

For behind the scenes, competition recaps and more visit our youtube channel!

We also post match results and season updates on our Youtube, Instagram and TikTok accounts. 


Sponsors needed!

As a world-class robotics team, Runnymede Robotics travels to various competitions during our competitive seasons. This means providing transport, lodging and food for our students. We cover as much of these costs as possible to ensure that cost is no barrier for our members. In order to succeed in our dream of reaching the world championships in Houston, Texas, we need your help. If you or someone you know could help us cover these costs in any way, please contact us at, or press the button below.  Even $20 makes a huge difference for us. For more information, see our Support Us! page. 

Thank you to this season's sponsors!

Runnymede C.I.

Runnymede Robotics is a school based team from Runnymede CI

The school is home to many innovative programs including the STEM@Runn program. 

Runnymede CI is proud to offer unique opportunities for students to achieve and excel.