Runnymede Robotics works with local schools to assist in their FLL journey.

Team 1310 students work new FLL teams as mentors to help them develop design and programming skills. The students in the Runnymede Masters program take Mindstorms programming as part of their grade 9 highschool course in technology. Visit the Runnymede web site to learn more about the Runnymede Masters program.

2018 Toronto TDSB Qualifying Tournament

December 8th

Team 1310 will host a TDSB Qualifying Tournament at Runnymede CI. We are always looking for new volunteers to help out with this event. Volunteering for the event will be available for sign-up shortly on the FIRST Dashboard and can be found here. A walk-through on signing up to volunteer can be found here.

2018 Toronto Kickoff

Saturday Sept 22, 2018 - Bayview Glen

Team 1310 presented 3 different presentations at the Toronto FLL Kickoff event at Bayview Glen.

PowerPoint Slides and Planning Decks

Fun Presentation Styles - how to create a great presentation

Organizing a Team - how to get the most out of your season

Mission Strategy Deck for Into Orbit season - Google Presentation for quick reference (print 4 pages to a sheet)

Planning Deck - 3x5 cue cards to help you plan your season

Useful Links

FLL Rubrics - mandatory reading for all coaches!

FLL 2018 Into Orbit Challenge - this year's challenge

FIRST Canada FLL Resources - registration, budget and Tournament information

A full season at Broadacres - lots of ideas and videos here about how to run an FLL season

Example Presentations