Programming Sub-Team

Runnymede Robotics uses Java to program the robot.  During the pre-season, the team focuses on basic Java skills.  For skills development, we use problems from the Canadian Computing Competition, and other exercises.  

Java Resources - Install this Software!

Java Development Kit - install the latest Java 8 release
eclipse Development Environment - use the Eclipse Installer to install the Java IDE (J2EE is not required for robotics)
WPI Lib Update Site -
In order to connect to a robot, install the Robot Toolkit (not required to write code, but required to download code to the robot).
Practice writing Java methods on Coding Bat.

Detailed installation instructions for the above can be found on ScreenStepsLive from FIRST.

Meeting Schedule

FRC Java Rules!
Pre-Season Java Lessons

Stay tuned for the upcoming schedule for pre-season coding lessons